Dynamine develops a dynamic simulation model to show the importance of taking precautions against Coronavirus


  • If virus contamination, treatment and cure were a "process", hospital beds would be the "bottleneck" due to their limited number of units and long stay. Thus, the upstream process (contamination) must be slowed down so that the hospital beds are sufficient;

  • The best way to decrease the speed of contamination are the measures of personal hygiene, social isolation and total isolation once contaminated;

  • Always wash your hands, avoid unnecessary social or work events and stay at home in case of symptoms;

  • Care for the others: help slow the spread!

The model

The model is just to show everyone that we must protect ourselves to the fullest to prevent hospital beds reach the limit. The values in it are just symbolic.

A maximum population of 1000 people was considered, and some scenarios were considered by changing the probability of an infected person infecting another person in a day.

Download the template and use the Rockwell Arena software to learn more about Dynamic Simulation and the need to prevent the virus from spreading.

With everyone working together, we can avoid overload in hospitals and reduce the number of fatalities.

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